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SOJAA Board of Directors Meeting

12:00 OSU Extention Office... More Details >


SOJAA Yearly Social Event

1:00 pm at Alpacas at Lone Ranch, Richard and Renate Gyuro Catered affair. Bring 1 gift per ranc... More Details >


General Membership Meeting

11-3 Lunch - Entree will be furnished, potluck members. 12:00 PM Meeting. ... More Details >

Welcome to the State of Jefferson Alpaca Association!

The State of Jefferson comprises the mountain border regions of northern California and southern Oregon - not yet a state but with a unique state of mind! We are a large group of friendly alpaca people - self-sufficient, independent, resourceful, visionary, and hard-working, combining our energies and talents in a diverse but close-knit community.

SOJAA unites the alpaca breeders of Southwest Oregon and Northern California to promote alpaca ownership within the area through education and events, such as alpaca shows, that highlight the benefits of alpaca ownership.

Whether you’re looking to purchase alpacas, find a stud services, join SoJAA or find an alpaca farm near you, we will be pleased to meet you and talk alpacas!

SoJAA is where passion and hard work combine to make dreams come true!

Updated June 12, 2014