December 05, 2019

Bamboo bedding has become increasingly popular over the years, and is proven to have many benefits over its cotton counterparts when it comes to the well-being of both yourself and the planet. 

Here are some of the benefits of bamboo fibres offer: 


A cooler temperature when sleeping can help you rest easier. With bamboo fibres, temperatures are kept cool and comfortable all year round, due to the micro-sized holes that maintain temperature control and releases excess heat. The moisture-wicking fibres prevents body sweat and odour from occurring in fabrics. 


Premium bamboo fibres stretches across length-wise, making it less likely to tear. And those moisture-wicking fibres we were talking about? It won’t absorb the natural body oils from your skin or the moisture from the air, meaning it’ll stay looking brand new overtime. 


Bamboo fibres can give you relief from some allergies due to its hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties that lock out moisture. They are also made with eco-friendly materials, meaning no pesticides or harsh chemicals that may flare up any rashes or allergies. For those who have sensitive skin, or small children, bamboo bedding may be a suitable option. 


Bamboo is a type of grass, meaning it can be harvested without killing its network of roots that continuously sprouts new bamboo stems. Bamboo also requires very little water, and only takes a couple of years to fully mature. It can grow up to one metre per day, naturally! All that to say that bamboo material is an easily renewable source, making it the sustainable choice for your consumption. Using bamboo bedding means you are reducing your carbon footprint, while maximizing your sleeping experience. What more could one ask for?

The quality and softness of bamboo bedding is often compared to the likes of silk and cashmere. But we know what you’re thinking - luxury usually comes with a hefty price tag. But Sojaa’s bamboo fibre based products are where quality and value meet. Because we want you to experience premium quality while feeling good about it. 

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